Where You Can Buy Happy Fiber Products

I will be at the following places.

Media Farmer’s Market on Thursdays 3:00-7:00

Thornton Farmer’s Market on Saturdays 11:00-2:00

Lucky Penny Farm On Wawa Hill on Sunday May 17 10:00-3:00




3 Degrees – Doing Fine

Mahogany and Crystal enjoying the sun after breakfast. image

Illuminosa went right back to the barn when she was done eating. image

Coco, Charlotte, and Cody waiting to be let out of their dinning stalls after a breakfast of Blue Seal Caprine Challenger, oats, and beet pulp.


Mantra To Remove Goats From Chicken Coop

Goats and Chickens

My current meditation is a chanting meditation.
21 Day Mantra Meditation Journey.

It is free and started September 10 but you can start now, I started three days ago.

Today’s mantra was,

Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha

It is useful for removing energetic blocks in your Life.
I used it for removing energetic goats out of the chicken coop.

Here’s the link.

21 Day Mantra Meditation Journey